918kiss Casino Game Software Review

918kiss is one of the top slot game in South East Asia. The Casino software is already being mentioned a couple of time here in our review but here is the full explanations and pro and cons about this 918kiss casino game.

What is 918kiss

918kiss is an online casino software started in late 2018. But before that, the software name was SCR888 and have a large fan base from brick and mortar casino players. After the SCR888 become more popular to online players, there are a couple of fake SCR888 software emerging in the market, and this give a bad reputations to many Malaysia online casino, Thailand Online Casino, Vietnam Online Casino and Asian Online Casino in general having been associated with the game a bad name and little trust.

Due to this, 918kiss upgraded their system and change their security and also uses the opportunity  to change their name into a brand new casino software called 918kiss.

Currently the casino software only have 3 categories of games, video slot, arcade slot, and traditional slot game. Though 918kiss lacks in other popular online casino categories such as live casino and live card games, it makes up in having a full focus and specialized in Slots.

As of right now, there are around 80 to 100 different games in 918kiss casino software available to play for members.

Why do casino player like 918kiss ?

The reason many online casino players like 918kiss is mainly because most casinos operating using the software provides fast registration process using mobile chatting apps. This simplicity is a win as many players hate to fill out forms and the need to go through lengthy registration process.

Another factor why 918kiss is so popular among many Asia casino players is because unlike major casino software operators where there are high turnover rate for withdrawal, it is quite low for 918kiss. Some Malaysia Online Casino even do no turnover when taking welcome bonus for 918kiss games! This is more than enough to attract players who love to get a winning at their favourite slot game.

What categories of 918kiss Games is the most popular?

With the focus only on digital, 918kiss having 3 types game categories is actually their strong point. The most famous and played games in 918kiss are the Monkey Story and Ocean King. Both are arcade type of games and both have a story like progression through out the play time.

Arcade type of casino game is actually quite famous now in Malaysia Online Casino due to their game play style and ability to make players feels like they are playing for some kind of mission and not just only there to win. Unlike traditional slot game where the main focus is to win the game, Ocean King is more towards shooting more fishes to get higher points, waiting for bigger fishes to come out, and bonus round where even more unique fishes can be seen.

Beside the above two arcade games, other highly popular game in 918kiss is Horse Racing and Car Racing. The two play resembles the 90s and early 2000s small casino shop game where players input coin and choose the numbers that will cross the finish line.

Without a doubt slot games from large companies and famous international slot game like Highway King , Great Blue and Dolphin are also some of the most played games in 918kiss. Slot Game is still the number one most famous categories of casino games for many players not just in 918kiss but also other software like Playtech as well.

5 Unique and Special 918Kiss Game to Try Out

Basic slots with fishes icons. Even this 918kiss Dolphin slot is quite basic, it have many level of bonuses for players.

The 918kiss Fishing Star, A game where you can enjoy the view of underwater while using canon to blast fishes and add points. Definitely a must try for those who intend to play 918kiss game.

918kiss Benz and BnW are kind of like slot type of Roulette only with different icons. But the uniqueness and creativity in this game deserve a play.

918Kiss Monkey Story Plus is just like the Fishing Star where both are in the arcade category and can make you play the game for hours.

918Kiss Game The Discovery is a slot game with massive paylines and overall fun to play slot.

Overall 918kiss Review

Comparing to other type of online casino software, 918kiss stands in the middle. In terms of popularity, the casino game is among the most popular from the time of SCR888. In terms of games, there are quite abundant of choices, and the inclusion of Arcade Game really is their best assets.

The Casino software itself have some minor problems because of their wide availability and cheap offer for those who intend to open an online casino. This makes some scrupulous mind to use 918kiss games to cheat players. That is why when playing in an online casino using the 918kiss software, remember to play in trusted online casinos.



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