918kiss Mega888 Or Ace333

This three name of 918kiss, Mega888 and Ace333 are the three most heard name when it comes to mobile casino gaming. As all three of these game becoming more popular and widely known, some might comes to realized that actually these three have lots in common rather than the differences. So in hindsight when one consider to play these game, should you only play one from these three or are there any benefits of playing 918kiss, Mega888, and Ace333 independently?

The answer this first you must know what are the similarities between 918kiss, Mega888 and Ace333 First

  1. All these three games are highly slot game concentrated where it can be said as a full focus slot gaming software.
  2. 918kiss Mega888 and Ace333 are mobile ready slot gaming software and can be played in Android, IOS and using MEMU- a type of Android Emulator for Window PC.
  3. All three are famously branded as slot game that offer the service of simple register and straight away play type.
  4. These game also did not comes with built-in test game as the software platform maker did not incorporate the features in their design. Most of these test ID or free game are instead opened by online casino them-self to attract new members.
  5. These gaming platform also have lots of download places.
  6. There is no Online login where you can straight away log in and play via online. Thus you must uses their apps in order to play. Like 918kiss login for example, you will need to open its app first, before being able to enter main menu.
  7. Estimated of 50 to 90 numbers of slot game from these three providers.
  8. Have many popular slot game in their channels, like for one the Jin Pei Mei slot is available in all three.

So know above you will know all about the same thing that you can find in 918kiss, Ace333 and Mega888. From here we can see that it is indeed much similar and quite the same. So is there anything that can wet the appetite to download others when you already have one software installed? Let say you already have 918kiss, so why download and play the others? No worry, we are here to list down their differences as well.

Major differences of 918kiss, Mega888 and Ace333 That You Should Know about.

  1. Navigation in Mega888 and Ace333 are way more elegant compared to 918kiss where it kind of give in a vibe of not so lush environment in 918kiss.
  2. Mega888 and 918kiss only have Slots or Programmed type of game but Ace333 comes with Live Game as well. In Ace333, you can actually play Live Casino Dealers Game from the top Asia Casino Software provider, Asia Gaming. Though only a small fraction of live game can be found in Ace333, it is actually indeed a good addition.
  3. Stability and Gaming Experience from these three, we can say that 918kiss is the best because you hardly feel any kind of lagging or disconnected from the game play. Though it might happen when the gaming software itself is under maintenance. This is a welcome upgrades from their time from the SCR888 Era. You can read our previous post about SCR888 and 918kiss history for more.
  4. For Mega888 Malaysia is the only country where you can play at the moment, while the other two, 918kiss and Ace333 is available to play in many countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Loas and many other Asian Countries. Even though we feel that 918kiss Malaysia are the most popular at the moment, and while Ace333 are popular in all of the mentioned countries.
  5. Bonus offered by online casino for Ace333 and Mega888 tends to be higher. We are not sure why, but in most of the places that we see, this are the result.
  6. 918kiss have the most in-menu bonus and not only in game bonus. It’s a reward system called Angpaw and Outside Jackpot where you could win by simply logging in. It’s random base and kind of like a automatic lucky draw.

So know you have it, From the difference and similarities of all 918kiss, Ace333 and Mega888 you can see that each actually have their uniqueness. Thus if you like to play slot game, then should actually try out all these three before making up your mind which one is the favorite. Asia1club always try to stay ahead and brings you the Best Online Casino Review to see which site are trusted to play in. And one more to remember by is that, when something becomes popular, there tends to be lots of imitation. Same goes for these software. Be on the look out, and also check out Malaysia Blacklist Online Casino so that you know your chosen site are safe from all these bad reputations.


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