Blacklisted Malaysia Online Casino and Scam Site


This is a special page for advice against Malaysia online casino scam site and blacklisted online casino website. As there are many online casino in Malaysia, there will be some bad apples and those who tried to create a casino website just to scam unknown players.

What Makes this Online Casino Scam happen?

With every type of business there will be some people who likes to scam. When a certain business becoming popular, these scam artist will see an opportunity and take advantage. Just like the case of Malaysia online casino scam.

blacklisted malaysia casino

These are the list of Blacklisted online casino sites in Malaysia and certified as scam website.


Today12win is a fake online casino that tried to uses the fame another popular and trusted casino. There are many instances where smaller sites tried to add some extension on popular casino sites hoping that players will be confused. Though the site already being taken down, there are wechat sites floating around using the name of Today12win.


Betman2 operates in Singapore and Malaysia, and promises big bonuses. But we received many reports that you do not need to register and straight away can play after deposit. Members after deposit will be asked to re-deposit for another amounts in order to claim bonuses but the online casino will be silent afterwards. We found the same problem during our inspections.

Malaysia Online Casino suspected of Scamming Players


This online casino is suspected of scamming. Received members reports about this Facebook page. Currently we haven’t determined if the facebook is connected to , but we advise readers to be careful.

Another addition to our Malaysia blacklist online casino, Asiabetclub.

We receive numerous complaints that this online casino do not withdraw when the winning amount is too high with the excuse of players playing double bet, but fail to provides detail explanations.

We advice members to be careful when choosing a good online casino. The casino site also lacked support section during our checking where the casino can’t afford to pay for a monthly live chat feature and only uses wechat and whatsapp as customers chat support.

Latest Blacklisted online casino in Malaysia, due to complain by our members. We proceed to investigate but get a rude answers. With this in Mind, we believe members should stay away from this online casino

This online casino have three names, so we advice members to be extra careful. Their links are


Above three are their links, and BS1288 seems to be their main site. Two site are not https secured while one is. This alone tell much about the casino worth and their quality.

Submit Scamming online casino to us.

If dear readers encountered any online casino that is scamming sites, feel free to submit to us and please provide together with some proof via screenshot or images.

We will accept even if the said casino already do not operate online but still active in Wechat or Social media, as scamming sites are dangerous and players need to be warned.

As the word prevention is always better, how to prevent from being scam by these online casino scammers?

Rules of Thumb for avoiding online casino scam in Malaysia.

Rule No 1 for avoiding fake casino: Beware of new online casino.

If you can’t find any details about the said online casino, or the online casino is still new in the market, it will be hard to really determined whether they are legit, real, or scammer. Not to say all new online casino is scam but being careful always paid off. As a precautions, always try to make smaller deposit for the first 5 to 10 times to really get to know these brand new sites.

Rule No 2 for avoiding fake casino: Play at internationally known online Casino Site.

An online casino that operates through Asia is more trusted than the one that only operates at a single country. Since most of these international online casinos have operating license from countries like Philippines or Cambodia.

Rule No 3 for avoiding fake casino: Play at online casino with at least 3 different categories of international casino software.

The reason for this is because international casino software will cost anything around 50K to Millions alone and this prove that the said online casino has the budgets to operates. One of the world re-known online casino software is Playtech. Check out these Playtech Malaysia Casino that offers good bonuses.

Rule No 4 for avoiding fake casino: Play at recommended online casino from forums and trusted review site.

You can check them out at our trusted Malaysia Casino sections. Playing at reviewed online casino can give a huge boost of confidence for new players and avoiding from scamming casino sites.

Rule No 5 for avoiding fake casino: Always Check if the word Blacklist is associated with your casino.

Though not all are real, when a certain online casino is blacklisted by a reputable sites, there will be a reason. Hence we advice new register members to proceed with cautions.

If you followed all the rules above, the chances of new player being scammed by fake Malaysia Online Casino or Blacklisted Online Casino will be less. And couple of last advices from us are always be vigilant and chat with any online casino’s customer service to test their knowledge about gaming rules and casino rules before proceeding further.


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