Live22 Online Casino Software

Live22 Online Casino is one of the newer online casino software in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Though Live22 started their business on 2012, it did not really catch up until the late 2015. Due to their new make overs, the Live22 Casino right now receives quite a lot of supports from slot game lovers.

What is so special about Live22?

Live22 is unlike most of the slot game software out there where you can see almost the same game in every other channel. They prefer the other route which makes them unique by presenting different slot game, it brings in a fresh gaming experience to players. Just like the way of Asia Gaming. Live22 is also one of the Asia online casino software to be licensed in Phillipines.

If you are thinking about changing to different online casino software, then live22 should be a good choice. For those who prefer to change to other casino software but still wants the feeling of familiarity, the may we suggest Ace333 ? The casino platform is almost 80% similar to 918Kiss, one of the top online casino platform in South East Asia.

Now back to Live22, the online casino software company is good on many scales, first, they have quite a large collections of slot games, then the company also have their very own customer supports. This makes it even better as most online casino software do not provides customer supports for the end customers. Customer supports are mostly provided by Online casino operator and not casino software. This makes the software more user friendly as they are willing to listen to feedback and suggestions.

Another Great thing about Live22 is that the casino software also have their very own live channels which you can see pretty host doing a broadcast on their latest games, mentioning what’s the latest updates for Live22 and chatting away with players and eager fans.

Currently the Software can be find in up to 30% of Asia Online Casino, which is not a big numbers, but we can say that most ( but not all sadly ) casino who operates with the Live22 Software really cares about which games is the latest and what games can make players feel more lively.

Just like their name imply, Live22 hopes their online casino game can bring more entertainment value to their players.

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