Magnum4D Toto Lucky Number and Meaning

Buying Magnum4D and Toto are favorite pastime of Many Malaysian. The most sought after are the lucky numbers for Magnum4d and Toto. Beside these two, Damacai Lucky numbers are also very popular. Although numbers from Magnum4d, Toto, and Damacai are random, Lucky numbers can in many time give buyers a good fortune and better chances.

Below are some top Magnum4D Lucky numbers and meaning. These numbers are lucky in their actual Chinese meanings hence we should said that these are the lucky numbers for SportsToto, Damacai and Magnum4d.

8838 – Manchesther United Football Team
2018 – Fyling Like a Bird
3228 – Get a huge amounts from unknwon relative
4355 – Winner of a certain elections
6102 – Become very succesfull in your job or career
6107 – Achieved the success you desired
6272 – Rich or related to Fat Choy
6936 – Feeling happy or feeling joyfull
4702 – Golden Credit Card or Gold base Card or Gold status credit card

Now with so many type of betting style in Magnum4D, SportsToto, and Damacai, the 4 number bet is still very much most popular. Since you can win 3500 with only 1 Ringgit, and 4 numbers have higher chances to get first prize rather than 8 numbers or 6 numbers. Above we provided some lucky numbers in Chinese Meanings and hopefully it will bring some luck to 4D numbers buyers in Malaysia.

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