Malaysia Online Casino The Top 5

There are plenty of Malaysia Online Casino but to be called the best online casino in Malaysia is not easy. We here list down some of the must check out and best of the best online casino in Malaysia. Our checking criteria includes Customer Service Knowledge, Deposit and Withdrawal Transaction Time, and Website Quality and Overal Online Casino Experience as well.

Ibet Casino Malaysia.

Ibet is one of the biggest and longest running online casino in Malaysia with more than 100,000 members. The Casino itself has more than 10 active websites with different last name. Lately Ibet has upgraded their online casino to includes points exchange from their membership system where regular members can use existing points to exchange for iPhone, iPad and other hot market items. The casino also hold regular online promotions for their members though email and Whatsapp notifications.

After detail checking upon IBet casino, we found this Malaysia online casino to be really good with their customer care and the best part is that their customer service team is efficient in resolving any kind of technical issues or deposit/withdrawal problems.

Ibet online casino certainly deserve a high marks and 5 stars from us.

MQQ Online Casino.

Another juggernaut Online Casino in Malaysia, MQQ88 is one of Malaysia top online casino. The brand MQQ is famous enough in Facebook that they have lots of beautiful models advertising their casinos. If you are regular users of Facebook and Instagram, and have followed some of the young and pretty Malaysian models, then you certainly have heard of MQQ before. Their Official Facebook Page also ranks among the top 5 most followed online casino page in Malaysia. That’s how rich is MQQ, so you can be assured of their casino trustworthiness.

Though the name MQQ88 online casino itself is not that huge, because they use different name in various websites but as long as there are MQQ in front, you can be sure these smaller website are all parts of the MQQ Online Casino group. Some of their names includes MQQ77, MQQ99 , MQQ88 and lots more. Upon simple checking alone, the MQQ has more than 20 different names. This alone show how big and powerful the online casino is.

What we like the most about MQQ online casino is that they have a special VIP privilege programs from Normal members to Platinum Members. You can head on to MQQ VIP to learn More. Beside the VIP package, MQQ online casino also earn a 5 star from us because of their wide range of online casino platform. They have two platforms in sports betting alone via WFT and 2BC.

Euwins Online Casino and MBA66 Online Casino.

Euwins is considered as one of the BIG four online casino Malaysia together with MBA66. These two are among those pioneer of online casino business in Malaysia but still holding up until today. Because of their long lasting foothold in Malaysia Online Casino, MBA66 and Euwins online casino can be found easily in the very first page of Google. This can be attributed to their Online Marketing Team and also their Branding Effort through out the years.

Euwins and MBA66 are famously known for their fast deposit and withdrawal transaction process. The betting amount accepted in these two big brother online casino in Malaysia also are among the highest hence many big better are regular patrons in Euwins and MBA66.

Beside normal and necessary requirement reaching full marks, Euwins online Casino and MBA66 also gets a very high 5 star plus from us because of their Mobile version is user friendly and super efficient.

We Played around with their online casino games using the mobile version and found the overall experience quite pleasant with zero lag compared to many online casino who are still having only a web version. As mobile version will eat less data and run smoother, doing deposit transaction and withdrawal transaction inside Euwins and MBA66 is like a breeze. Definitely a 5 star plus from us.

Infiniwin Online Casino Malaysia.

Now this might come off as a surprise but Infiniwin actually is a great Malaysia Online Casino. While not as famous as our picks above, Over the year, Infiniwin has climbed the ladder and now are known to their regular customer as an online casino with good attitude. Many online casino forget that customers are their actual bosses and some even treat their customers only like cash cow.

Infiniwin treat their customers with great respect and resolve their customers issues fairly no matter how small their deposit amount were. This is why they are regarded as the most friendly online casino in Malaysia. In terms of casino game platform, they are certainly lacking by numbers but they made up by using many international famous platform such As Playtech. Numbers might means something, but sometime quality is even more Important.

What we love the most about Infiniwin however is the Fortune 4D. You can learn more about Fortune 4D by contacting their customer service. Beside accepting bets for regular 4D numbers and platform like Magnum and Toto, Fortune 4D gives players another options to bet on and test their fortune of the day upon. 4 Star Plus From Us for Infiniwin Online Casino Malaysia.

Dafabet Casino.

The last one to enter this Top and Best of the Best online Casino Malaysia is Dafabet. The biggest, the most famous and the largest online casino in Malaysia. Dafabet is not only the big brother online casino in Malaysia but is equally famous in South East Asia too, from Vietnam to Indonesia. In fact Dafabet is the leading online casino in Indonesia.

For serious gamblers and lovers of online casino, or for football lover, one might notice that sometime you can see the name Dafabet came out in photo or promotions during sports commercial, this is because Dafabet regularly sponsors international sport team, sometime they will do minor sport events and charity works as a way of giving back to the public.

For casino platform, you can be assured that only top international online casino platform are used in their site and their support team are among the best too. No spelling error or the feeling of road side casino service from Dafabet. Playing and being a member with Dafabet is like a customer in a VIP casino game room. This 100% trustworthy online casino gets the full 6 STAR from us


These are the current Top 5 Malaysia Online Casino that we highly recommend. We will be looking for more trustworthy online casino in Malaysia and others that have good trust score with great bonus promotions. Support us for more upcoming release in the Entertainment and Casino Scene in Malaysia.


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