Mega888 Online Casino

Mega888 Online Casino is one of the latest online casino game to enter the market. To be the best online casino is not easy, especially with so many online casino now in the market. With the year 2018 and technology advancing, even more and more online casino is opening and the market is quite saturated. And same goes to online casino software too. Mega888 actually have all it takes to be contender for most popular slot game software in Asia due to its similarity towards SCR888 or the now brand new 918Kiss. It has the 918kiss games, have the same features just like 918kiss and more importantly most online casino that uses mega888 online casino software let players to have small and minimum deposit in order to start game.

If you are someone who likes to play 918kiss before, then you should also check out Mega888 as both are quite similar. In our opinion the only differences is that we do notice that Mega888 have less maintenance comparing to 918kiss.

Best Mega888 Online Casino

Lets take a look at which is the best online casino to play the Mega888 games. We will filter from country to country and for us, trust score is highly important. That is why only the best and most trusted online casino will be featured here.

To be the Best Mega888 Online Casino also means they have to past our test of three things:

  1. Good Bonus package for members
  2. Fast Service
  3. Long in the business

Newer online casinos will be excluded as they are still fresh and don’t gather enough players to check out if these casinos are truly trusted or will straight away block players who won a big amount. You can refer to our list of Malaysia Blacklisted online casino.

Best Malaysia Mega888 Online Casino

  1. Juta8Club
  2. 66Okay
  3. Wintown777

These are the top 3 place in Malaysia to play Mega888 Online Casino Game. Wintown777 is famous for their speedy process and good customers interactions. Even before the Mega888 game is popular, the casino already have started using the software and can be said as one of the earliest Malaysia Mega888 Online Casino.

Mega888 Thailand, Mega888 Singapore, and Mega888 Indonesia.

Mega888 is currently not yet available to play in bigger online casinos outside of Malaysia. The game can be played in Smaller Mega888 Asian online casino through chatting apps but we always recommend players to play in online casino with their own website, large presence and preferably have international games and license. We will keep update dear readers in the future about Indonesia Mega888 casino, Vietnam Mega888 casino and other parts. Even Mega888 Casino Software now focusing in single country, we are pretty sure they will expand to even more places as the popularity grows.

With the simplicity of Mega888 casino games, we predict it will become bigger if their courses is right. One thing that is lacking from Mega888 is Live Casino. Live Casino is the heavyweight when it comes to online casino games. Games like Live Table Baccarat, Poker and Blackjack are some of the most played games. Just take a look at Playtech and Asia Gaming Casino. If Mega888 did add some Live Casino Games into their software, they might become even more popular than 918kiss.

As the pioneer and the most trusted Online Casino Review in Asia, we Asia1club always strive to provide the best review and test out if these site is truly worth it or they are only doing advertisement to attract members but did not follow through. We must maintain our stance again that we are not an advertisement site nor do we have any connections to these online casinos. Our job is to look out for online casino players so that you don’t get cheated or fall into the wrong website while letting readers know which online casinos is having a good bonus and promotion packages.


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