MicroGaming Online Casino Slot Game Review

Micro Gaming is one of the pioneer of Slot Game for Online Casino together with the likes of Playtech and Netent. All this major online casino providers are licensed and abide by the fair-play rules which in turns give players the trust. As we all know, slot game supposed to be random, hence the Random Number Generator, or short as RNG was implemented by slot game makers. Some scrupulous company did adjust the game system by changing the built up into heavy win ratio for casinos. This is why, when choosing any kind of online casino game, or online casino providers, you must check if the software is licensed and regulated by independant online casino regulators.

Micro Gaming was created back in the 1994 and was the pioneer in moving the casinos into online and website. Currently online casino that’s powered by MicroGaming can have up to more than 600 types of different games including slot game, video slots, Blackjack and Roulette. Before this, Micro Gaming was using the Flash version of slots but due to upgrade and boom of mobile market, Micro Gaming games can now be downloaded and supported by any IOS and Android Phone. The slot game under Micro Gaming is also slowly being upgraded into fully HTML5 based.

Top and international online casino powered by Micro-Gaming Software includes the likes of: 

  • SpinPalace.com
  • 32red.com
  • jackpotcitycasino.com

As the leader and one of the big three of Online Casino Slot Game Provider, Microgaming continue to evolve and even after more than two decades, and plenty of brand new software companies coming up they still manage to remain relevant. In-fact you can see almost all World Class Top Online Casino have Microgaming Slots Just like Playtech.

In Asia Online Casino Scene, you can see online casino with the logo of Gambling Commission mostly have MicroGaming and Playtech As well. Check out some top and Trusted Malaysia online Casino to play if you intend to straight joining some top and trusted site.

Top MicroGaming Slot Game to Play

Wacky Panda Slot

Wacky Panda is among those of traditional slot game from Microgaming. The design is small enough without full frame. This is actually the same pattern as those casual online games that’s popular back in the early 2000’s. The slot game is also quite simple with standard 3 Reels and only 1 Payline.

Sugar Parade Slot Game 

Sugar Parade is based on cakes and everything sweet. Inside the game is also full of cake and sweets icons. The game comes with 5 Reels, 15 Paylines and Free Spin Lucky Bonus Round.

Playboy Gold Slot

A favorite from us, the Playboy Gold Slot Game features lots of bunny costumed clad pretty girls and of course you can’t forget the international Bunny Symbol. The game also live up to their VIP status as it comes with 6 reels and massive 100 paylines, combined with random free game bonus round. Definitely a must try in Microgaming slot game.

Phantom Of Opera Slot

A movie theme slots by Microgaming. The game itself is just as smooth as all the other slot game but the dark interior and color background makes you feel more relaxed and composed. This is a good thing since one of the major steps on winning a slot game is having the most relaxing environment and patience. The game comes with 5 reels and have one of the highest paylines in all of microgaming slot game – 243. Before the game started you are able to choose to go with the maximum paylines of 243 or the minimum. We suggest to go with the maximum as when the bonus come, it will be highly worth it. Also this game is highly valued by those players who specially love to hunt Jackpot Bonus.

Highlander Slot 

Another movie themed slot game. Though we are not a big fan of the movie Highlander itself, you can’t deny that it is an old time classic of the 90s. Playing the slot game will bring back some good old memories from the 90s. The game tied with Phantom of The Opera slots having 5 Reels and the maximum 243 playlines. In Highlander Microgaming slots there are also the Wild icon and Scatter Bonus rounds.

Emoticons Slot Game 

Who don’t love Emoji. Before Emoji comes into the scene, we need to type in anything and then using dots and line to form an icon. Emojis makes all those thing simpler. Why not have a round of emojis just for the sake of looking at these cute faces? The game have 5 Reels and 30 Paylines.

Fortune Girl Slot 

Right now, with the booming market of China, there are more demands for Chinese Based Slot Game. This is the answer from MicroGaming. The game comes with Chinese Wording Characters and Lucky Wealth symbols in Gold. Fortune Girls Slot have 5 Reels and 15 Paylines.

Forbidden Throne Slot Game

Love Games of Throne or mythical games? Then this slot game is surely for you. The slot have full row images of mythical creatures and warriors with icons of ancient symbols. Forbidden Throne comes with 5 Reels and 40 Paylines.

Deco Diamond Slot 

Sometime when playing slot game, some players like a bit more of traditional. When we say traditional we meant less paylines and the maximum of 9. This is where Deco Diamond Fits in. The Game have those icons from the old days of slot machine where you can play in Las Vegas. Of course it will be upgraded. The normal Cherry icon is now in the Diamond form. Deco Diamond is highly suitable for those who wants something simple and looks exactly like the old time slot machine. It comes with 5 Reels, 9 Paylines , Respin feature- which is a stable feature for the slot game during those good old days and bonus wheel round.

Jurassic World Slot Game MicroGaming

We save the best for the last. The almighty Jurassic Slot game. not like the recent movie/extension/remake of the Jurassic Park series, this slot do not disappoint. Since the whole venture of a slot game is to be able to make players feeling fun, while having the opportunity to win money. Jurassic World Slot Game is successful in this department. The icons of Dinos and Frozen mosquito brings back good memories from the movies. This microgaming slot game also provides plenty of opportunity for players to win by giving the massive 243 paylines in 5 reels. Of Course a game this massive will have the free round bonus as well.

What is your favorite slot game and slot game providers? If you are new to online casino then continue to check out Asia1club.com online casino guides through tips and tricks, recommendations and wiki like explanations on online casino rules. Check out our wiki section for Online Casino Bonus and Terms before registering in casinos site.

As a conclusion Micro Gaming is a top online casino software and as we already stated again and again, playing in a trusted online casino is very important. And playing online casino with trusted software is just as important like casinos having the Playtech, Netent, and Microgaming games. Here is the Current Top Thailand Online Casino by the way. The reason to play in trusted online casino is that you won’t be cheated or scammed by sites using software that are not regulated by international bodies. Some of these software can be adjusted according to operators will and this is not gambling but scamming. As the terms of gambling is playing with luck and random, house edge will be higher but not without proper guideline to unsure fairness to players.


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