Newtown Casino Game

This might sound a bit off, but today we are going to talk about one of the top casino platform that have been around for quite some time but still rocking it hard even until today. The Casino Platform is none other than Newtown Online Casino. Newtown online casino actually is a complete online casino platform where inside you get to play both the live and also slot game albeit not all the game are the latest kind but all of them are highly popular and also user friendly.

You can also check out some of the top online casino game in Asia in our previous post. Now lets get back to Newtown shall we?

So Whats so special about this Newtown Game?

Well the very first one is aside from the mass of Mega888, Ace333 and also 918kiss, Newtown comes in as a breath of fresh air even though this platform had been around way much longer than the three. But Newtown never become as popular as these three hence there are many games inside that still can be new and unique to many online casino players.

Newtown Casino is also full of excitement where once you log in you already have the feeling that you are actually in a good online casino software. How is that feeling and how to know its good? Well for one, it’s not laggy and also when it comes to downloading games the time taken is actually quite fast compared to others. This also amount to the smaller memory space taken by Newtown Software which we definitely like. And then when it comes to bonus, Newtown bonus actually is comparable to all the hottest online casino game at the moment and most online casino actually give the same payout for Newtown when it comes to member sign up or even daily deposit.

So you get the same amount of bonus benefit, and yet will be able to play both live game and also slot game in the same server while knowingly the online casino platform is also one of trusted one as already been review countless of times by many top Online Casino Review site all around Asia. So we can say this with confidence that if you are looking for some excitement and new, Newtown will be a good place to start.


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