Malaysia Online Casino Rules Explained

Every Malaysia Online Casino have their very own rules, but most are the same. Asia1club give detailed explanations to new members or old members alike who don’t really get these kind of rules and requirements. Today we list down some important Online Casino rules to notice and what they really meant.

Turnover Requirements

Turnover requirements show in online casino Malaysia means how many times you need to bet before making withdrawal. The turnover requirements calculations are as follow:

If member deposit 100 with the Turnover requirements 1 time means,
RM 100 x 100 betting amount , the only member can make withdrawals.

Max withdrawal per day

Max withdrawal per day means the player can only withdraw for certain time. If the Malaysia online casino stated a player can only withdraw 2 times per day, then it means exactly the sentences itself. Any third time withdrawal transaction can only be made after 12 am the following day.

Banned Games

Banned games meas games that are not allowed to play. If any players played those games, Malaysia live casino who imposed the rules normally will minus all the winnings ad only return back the deposit amounts.

Live Game
Live Games meas all games that are played via a live channels like Poker, Baccarat Live , Blackjack Live, Sic Bo Live , Roulette Live and so on.

Slot Game
Slot game means all games that are played using the reels and line bet. Any games that are not played via reels and line bet is not counted as slot game. Some casino provider have games like Poker or Blackjack Live inside their slot game category as well. So if any member is playing in the online casino and there is a rule stated that if take a certain bonus can only play slot game, do make sure to check with their respective customer service beforehand.

Down Time

Down time means their website is experiencing troubles, maybe is their hosting problems or the server problems.

Maintenance Time 
Maintenance time are mostly because of casino game providers. Many Online Casino game software provider will do maintenance from time to time in order to updates their game and troubleshoot any problems.

Double Side Bet

Double side bets means player who bet both side. Almost all Malaysia online casino or more precisely the world prohibit this kind of betting. As both side bets means the players are doing so only for the sole purpose of getting the turnover to finish and hunt bonus. This is a popular way of betting for professional bonus hunter which are banned in almost all live casinos.

Only “x” Percentage Turnover are Counted
Only x percentage turnover are counted means from the members total betting amount, only the selected X percentage will be counted as turnover. This is very important, so for any members before taking any kind of bonuses, please check the percentage of game turnover requirements.

Same IP Address

Same IP address means the internet protocol address are same. Many online casino prohibits members who having the same IP address as their already registered members to take Welcome bonus. Some online casino also prohibit members who have same IP address to play together in a same game room especially in games like baccarat.

Extra, Malaysia Online Casino Bonus Rules / Name and their Meanings

Just like normal online casino regulations, Online casino bonuses and their name also comes with certain meanings. Below we explained some bonus that can sometime make member confused.

Fortune Bonus
Fortune Bonus are a special bonus for players who lost their deposit . For members playing in Malaysia Online Casino with fortune bonus, do read their respected terms and conditions. If you reached their required amounts, members will be eligible to claim the bonus.

Cash Back
Cash Back means  special bonus for Malaysia online casino players who played certain games and there will be a “X” percentage given back to the players. Most online casino will give these kind of bonus weekly, and some top Malaysia online casino will give this kind of bonus daily.

Cash Back bonuses includes:

  • Slot Game Cash Back
  • Live Casino Cash Back
  • Sportsbook Cash Back

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus can only be taken by first time members. This kind of bonus is also called register bonus. Some live casino in Malaysia have special bonus for new members such as register lucky draw bonus too. Welcome bonus cannot be taken after the members already deposit for the first time and taken any other kind of bonus. So if any members looking to join up a new online casino in Malaysia, make sure to take the register bonus or welcome bonus together with their first initial deposit.

With all the Malaysia Online Casino Rules explained above, we hope members will now know more about which bonus is suitable for them, and which bonuses are not.


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