Online Casino Scammer on the Rise JC Johan Club

More and more online casino scammer is on the rise right now. With the constant growth of online casino, scammers work fast by creating new online casino company that intended to open for a couple of months, or some even only a couple of weeks before opening another new one. Many might not know this, but in order to open an online casino is actually quite easy. Read below to see how these scammer works, and the latest scamming site, JC Johan Club and more of these black sheep of the online casino world, simply put, in Malay language, these are called the online casino kencing a term famous locally in Malaysia and Singapore for Online casino that cheats.

Scamming online Casino

Lets Get Back the online casino scamming players. There are actually two type of online casino scams, one being the most popular type where these are smaller agents that open up their on online casino. When player win big and try to withdraw, these agent decided they do not want to bear the loss hence straight away cut all type of communication and even block the winning player.

Some will give excuses such as double betting, played in banned game and so on, even-though there are 0 proof given. These blatant lies also become more obvious when these casino give the excuses such as double betting in Blackjack Game!! Yes, some of our complain letter includes online casino claiming players playing double betting in Blackjack Games. How funny is that?

And then there are the ban games that are just plain ridiculous. Like in Many slot game provider channel, there are games that are pre-recorded and turned into video type of games. These are actually in the slot game categories where the winning chances are random. Some casino will straight away banned players from playing these type of games fearing that there are ways to win big through strategy alone. Just to be clear, most of these pre-recorderd and turned into video slots are from large international companies such as Playtech hence there are certain types of security and already being watched over by international gaming associations, yet these small time casino though their presumption is some important.

These are all the characteristic of small time or agent based online casino where it is best to stay far away from. On the other hand, if you like to play live games, you can check out these Newtown and Rollex online casino that already garnered quite huge trust from many players.

And then there are con artist that pretend to be online casino agents and lured players to deposit into certain account before disappearing. These con artist normally uses mobile chatting apps such as Wechat and Social Media App like Facebook to lured in players. It is actually quite easy to spot these con artist if you notice hard enough.

Some characteristic of online casino con artist

  1. New social media account.
  2. Little Profile information.
  3. Little comments or can be seen that these comments and likes are from their very own circle of team.
  4. Some do not even have Own Website, while those that have website only comes with one or two pages, like a front page, download page, and contact us page.
  5. Give high and unbelievable amount of welcome bonus and deposit bonus.

Like the old age advice, no good thing comes in free. This too actually applied to online casino. When a certain new comer or unknown online casino come out into the market and gives out huge amount of bonus, it is best to do some online checking first. This is why online casino review site like us even exist in the first place.

Latest online casino on our scam list. This two online casino are not even an online casino, ( since the term online should only refer to these with website) , but have already scammed quite a lot of players, with many members letting us know. The company uses the name DC CLUB, DC Johan Club and Clubz77 . The first company operates using Wechat and have been active for quite some time, while the second company Clubz77 is active by using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram plus chatting apps.

In other word, we hope member will be more careful in choosing the correct online casino to play, and let say if you are located in Malaysia, you can check out these top and Best Malaysia online casino.




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