Online Casino Review is one of those smaller online casino in Malaysia. As a website created to help members finding best online casino and getting the best deals from online casino, we Asia1club always scout through the internet and checking out these online casino one by one.

We receive some emails from members asking us about this online casino Win88.Today, so we will present our unbiased review.

Is Trusted?

In order to become a Trusted online casino, or to be more precised, a Trusted Malaysia Online Casino, one must pass many kind of things. Like the web experience, company history, yeas of operations and many more.

Let See how trusted is Win88.Today in our examinations

User Experience: Web design is alright , and mobile can be supported as well. Nothing much to be said here.

Company History: We are unable to check on whether this online casino is connected to any other online casino, so we will only we reviewing solely about Win88.Today . Web presence is minimal but the problem that get us most is that the online casino do not have any license online casino games like PlayTech or Netent.

“In order to be one of the trusted or even recommended online casino, one should at least have one casino software with international based”

Customer Service Feature: Customer service apps using Free chatting, and will be ask to chat with their whatsapp representative instead.

This basically means the company have manpower issue and any company that can’t afford to hire enough staff is a red flag, especially when it involve withdrawing and deposit.

As our stand is always player first, our review will be based on the benefit of members. And the end of the day, it’s up to member to choose which online casino, Whether to choose those with high web presence or not.




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